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“Kevin and his company's defined approach and processes to recruiting truly define excellence; both in understanding the client and getting the results. I am in a position to evaluate from many perspectives the integrity and performance of recruiters. My overall impression of Kevin Wigfield is that he stands 'head and shoulders' above most recruiters.”
Raymond P. Gleason
Executive Coach
Building Champions, Inc.



“Our experience and results with RecruitMORE were outstanding. They approached the plan as a team-building effort, and they worked hard to understand the company culture that we have developed and want to maintain. The candidates that were submitted to us were consistent with the plan and helped us fill all of the positions as initially intended.”
Peter J. Kramer
Sr. Vice President and COO
Nursing Home Quality



“In working with Kevin Wigfield for many years and RecruitMORE over the past year, we couldn´t be more pleased with the quality of prospects consistently presented to us each month. RecruitMORE is committed to helping us achieve our goals and does a great job of representing our company to potential candidates. In such a competitive industry, RecruitMORE really does stand out as one of the top employee placement firms in the country and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who is serious about maintaining the quality of candidates they are considering for hire.”
Stacey L. Harding
Senior Vice President
Cherry Creek Mortgage Company



“I would like to say that Kevin is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He is very well known in the community and is spoken highly of by many professionals industry wide. I would recommend RecruitMORE for any of your future recruiting and placement needs.”
Paul Gaeke
Streamside, LLC



“Kevin Wigfield with RecruitMORE provided not only invaluable employment placement services but also coaching and mentoring through the interview, negotiations and the final hiring process. His industry knowledge allowed him to find the perfect marriage of personalities between my new employer, staff and myself.”
Deborah A. Salazar
Vice President Mortgage Operations
Liberty Home Loans

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